Heating Elements

Our company manufactures heating elements for any purpose, in any bending shape, and according to customer's specification.

Heating element varieties used in industrial, commercial and consumer applications include: immersion, quartz, flexible, infrared, wire, ceramic, electric, metal-based and composite heating elements, among many others.

Indicative Heating Element Catalogue:

Product line

Immersion Heating Element

Immersion heating elements are used to heat gases and liquids; they have the special ability to be immersed in the materials they heat without malfunctioning. Immersion heaters are further characterised by their fast, efficient and cost-effective heating solutions. Types of materials they typically heat include plating baths, mild acids, oils, water, salts, air, and chemical solutions. Immersion heating elements are primarily with systems like: process systems, boilers, water heaters, heat transfer systems, oil heaters, and storage tanks.


Flexible Heating Element

Flexible heating elements are able to bond to a variety of compounds and shapes and provide direct heating. This versatility is possible because they are very thin and bendable.

A flexible heater is a device that can conform to the surface where heating required and be easily bonded or adhered to other system parts. There are many varieties of flexible heaters with Silicone Rubber Heaters(Silicone heater for short) and Polyimide Film Heaters (also know as Kapton Heaters) as the most important types.


Ceramic Heating Element

Another type of heating element, the ceramic heating element, is utilized in convection heating; ceramic elements are built into space heaters, furnaces and semiconductors. There are several types of ceramic heating elements, including molybdenum disilicide and PTC.


Cartridge Heater

High performance cartridge heaters serve as heat conductors. They transfer the heat very quickly to the medium to be heated (solid bodies, liquids or gases). In contrast to conventional cartridge heaters, these cartridges have a heat-resistant casing of chromium-nickel-steel. The bottom of the cartridge heater is resistant to gas and corrosion, the surface is polished and metallically pure. The connection side has a ceramic closing.


Finned tubular heating elements

Finned tubular heating elements are the most versatile and dependable electric heating element available today. These industrial heating solutions are among the most common heaters and are best suited for a large number of applications such as conduction, convection, and radiation.

The fins increase the radiating area and reduce the surface temperature on the element without sacrificing heat transfer.